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αντισφαίριση (antispherisi).

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Q: How do you say football in the Greek language?
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How do you say 'turtle' in greek?

To say the word turtle in the Greek language you say chelona. In the Latin language this word is said as turtur.

How do you say bicycle in the greek language?

the greek word for bicycle is: podilato

How do you say telescope in the greek language?


How do you say ' win' in greek language?


How do you say Virginia in Greek language?


What is Greek's language'?

Greek is a language in the Indo-European Family which has no close relatives (as do, say, Spanish and Portugese, or Danish and Norwegian).

How do you say caring in the Greek language?

Its νοιάζομαι (niazome).

How do you say magician in Greek language?

Its μαγος . (magos).

How do you say the word 'rhapsody' in the greek language?

Ραψωδία (rapsodia)

How do you say i in greek language?

If you mean i as in "i am", then it's "εγώ" (egho).

How do you say candy in greek language?

Its γλυφιτζούρι (glifijouri)

How do you say 'brother' in ancient Greek language?

The translation for brother in Greek is αδελφός