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If you are speaking to one person, you would most likely say "Hol sie dir!" (pronounced: Hole zee deer) or to more than one person, the plural "Holt sie euch!" (pronounced: Hohlt zee oich (long oh, soft ch, like a cat hissing).

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Get it can be translated in a number of ways:

Get it (as in fetch) - hole es

You'll get it tomorrow (as in recieve)- Du wirst es morgen bekommen/erhalten/kriegen

I'll get it tomorrow (as in obtain) - Ich werde es morgen besorgen/holen

I don't get it (as in understand) - Ich verstehe/kapiere das nicht

You'll get it (as in achieve) - Du wirst es schaffen/erreichen/erlangen/erringen

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Q: How do you say get it in German?
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