How do you say body in German?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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To say body in German it is Körper

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Q: How do you say body in German?
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How do you say the body parts in German?

Body parts is Koerperteile

How do you say body parts in German?


How do you say in German the Body of Christ?

Body of Christ = Leib Christi

How do say calf in German?

as in the animal- kalb as in the body part- wade

How do you say hip in German?

the part of the body is called "(die) Hüfte"

How do you say babe in German?

Tussi (Too-see) ================ Say that to a German girl and you'll be lucky if you come away with all body parts intact. Germans are llikely to use terms such as Schatz or Babe

Who do you say war in German?

How do you say "War" In german? Answer: "Krieg"

How Do you say practice in German?

Tranianieren is how you say practice in German.

How do i say i have no siblings in German?

How do i say i have a brother and a sister in German ?

How do you say My eyes in German?

In order to say "My eyes" in German you say meine Augen

How do you say Rosie in German?

to say Rosie in German you say Rosie :) i like pie

How do you spell say that in German in German?

Say that in German = Sag es auf Deutsch (informal) Say that in German = Sagen Sie es auf Deutsch (formal)