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Buenas noches querido amigo, if your friend is a he, or Buenas noches querida amiga if your friend is a she.

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Q: How do you say good night dear friend in Mexico?
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What is a belamy?

A belamy is a good or dear friend.

What is a good sentence with the word salutations?

Salutations, dear friend.

What is the meaning of querida buenas noches?

Buenas noches, querida means goodnight my dear

What do Bonsoir ti cherie mean?

either good night or good evening my dear/my darling/my love.

What does bonsoir bon ami jolie mean?

good evening dear pretty friend

How do you you say good night in Mexico?

Buenas noches.

What does it mean when a guy calls you a dear friend?

It means she does not want to have sex with you & she just wants to be your friend.

Should you come drink in twi translation?

good night and sweet dream my dear

Buenas noches mi amiga?

Buenas noches means "Good Night" in Spanish, Mi amiga means "My friend (as a female)" in Spanish, So it means "Good night, My friend (as a female.)"

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You have a friend who is very sexy and you want to have a one night stand with her is this a good idea?

Not a god idea to have a one night stand with a friend

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you cant because you are dreaming this is all fake my dear friend good bye