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How do you say good week in french?


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Bonne semaine!


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You would say "Cette semaine" Which means this week in french!

"passe / passez une bonne semaine"

Into the week is "pendant la semaine" in French.

I had a good week in french is: J'ai eu bien semaine.

"passe / passez un bon week-end"

Have a great week-end. Take Care. Good- Bye!

we said au revoir, passe une bonne semaine

to say 'good morning' the French say "bonjour"

Bonn a petite is how you say good appetite in french.

Good morning in French is "Bonjour".

Bonne nuit (bon nwee) is how you say good night in French.

In French, "last week" is "la semaine dernière", or possibly also "la semaine passée".

"Good Morning" in french is "Bonjour".

good peas are 'bons pois' in French.

'good Passover' in french is 'bonne Pâque'

"Good night to a man in french."

To say "good night dad" in French, say Bonne nuit, papa.

Ayez un week-end agréable or Bon week-end

le week-end - la fin de semaine

"... are the days of the week" is " .... sont les jours de la semaine".

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