How do you say gorgeous blue eyes in french?

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de beaux yeux bleus
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How do you say your gorgeous in french?

You can say "Tu es magnifique" Or "tu es belle" to a girl and "tu es beau" to a boy. The last two are very literal, the first one "magnifique" is very flattering.

How do you say gorgeous eyes shine suicide in french?

Is this meant to be a line in a poem? If so, it's difficult to give a translation, especially without knowing the intended meaning. However, a literal translation would be de splendides yeux brillent le suicide

Break a leg gorgeous in French?

Break a leg is " merde " or " je vous/te dis merde". Vous for someone with whom one is less familiar, te for a friend. The gorgeous part is a question of gender " mon beau" for a man, " ma belle" for a woman.. "Je vous/te dis merde, ma belle/mon beau" or, simply, " M erde, ma belle/mon bea ( Full Answer )

How do you say you are gorgeous in portuguese?

Among several options one could be:. you = você . are = é if you refer to the person itself or está if you refer to her/his appearance. gorgeous = linda for female or lindo for male

How do you say 'You're gorgeous' in Spanish?

There are a number of possibilities for saying 'You're gorgeous' in Spanish. One possibility is Eres guapisima or Es guapisima . The pronunciation is the following: eh-race gwah-PEEH-see-mah; or ehs gwah-PEEH-see-mah. Another possibility is Eres fabulosa or Es fabulosa . The pronunciation is a ( Full Answer )

How do you say brown eyes in french?

'des yeux marrons' - you can use 'des yeux noisette' for a hazelnut colour. the word 'brun' also meaning brown is used for the hair, but not for the eyes.

How do you say you have nice eyes in French?

Tu as (or "vous avez" politely) de beaux yeux. A famous quote of Jean Gabin to Michèle Morgan in the movie "Quai des Brumes" T'as d'beaux yeux, tu sais.

How do you say you have brown eyes in French?

"vous avez les yeux marron" You can also say "les yeux noisette / couleur noisette" (hazelnut), which makes apparently a positive difference when you are speaking to a girl.

How do you say one blue eye in Spanish?

"One blue eye" in Spanish is "un ojo azul". It is pronounced "oon OH-ho ah-SOOL". Please see this site for confirmation of the translation:

How do you say gorgeous in danish?

depends on context...the root word is "smuk". if you are saying "you are gorgeous" it would be "du er smuk". if you are saying "hey gorgeous" it would be "hey smukke"

When does Sai call Ino gorgeous?

Sai didn't actually call Ino gorgeous. He thought that if he calledher a nickname based on her personality traits or appearance, thenthey would get mad. So he decided to call her the exact opposite,beautiful, by which he actually meant ugly.

What is 'gorgeous woman' when translated from English to French?

Bellissima donna and donna bellissima are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "gorgeous woman." The respective pronunciations of the feminine singular adjective and noun -- which emphasize the gorgeousness in the first case and its femininity in the second -- will be "bel-LEES-see-ma DON-na ( Full Answer )

How do you say the blue whale in french?

rorqual bleu that's how u say it by the way i know french rorqual bleu that's how u say it by the way i know french rorqual bleu that's how u say it by the way i know french

How do you say The London Eye in French?

the London eye is commonly called "la grande roue de Londres" inFrench. You could also say " l'oeil de Londres " which is a literaltranslation.

How do you say my eyes are brown in french?

mes yeux sont marron, j'ai les yeux marron You can also say: J'ai les yeux bruns Bruns is what is usually used when describing the colour of your eyes.

How do you say blue pen in french?

a blue pen is 'un crayon bleu' or 'un stylo bleu' (biro) in French Mais non! un stylo is a pen and un crayon is a pencil and a biro is un bic

How do you say he has bluish green eyes in french?

1 il a les yeux bleus (blue) 2 il a les yeux verts (green) 3 il a les yeux bleus-verts, verts-bleus (a shade of both bleu and green or vice-versa) 4 blueish would be translated "bleuté (fem./bleutée, masc. pl./bleutés, fem. pl. /bleutées) il a les yeux d'un vert bleuté (of a green sha ( Full Answer )

How do you say you like blue in french?

1) If you want to say "I like blue," say "J'aime le bleu." 2a) If you are speaking to someone with whom you do not need to be formal (e.g. a friend, peer, child, pet, etc.) and want to say "You like blue," say "Tu aimes le bleu." 2b) If you are speaking to someone with whom you do need to be f ( Full Answer )

How do you say Blue streak in french?

It was used as a code cipher! actually it was Blue 2l ( Azur vingt-un) but to get it to sound right it would be Blue Streak in translation. Mirage III test plane- clocked at l,350 MPH so the name was apt.

How do you say gorgeous in Belgian?

There is no such language as Belgian. People in Belgium usually speak French or Flemish. Magnifique is gorgeous in French.

How do you say My gorgeous girls in french?

IMPROVED: mes filles magnifiques or mes filles tres jolies [may feel mahn-ee-feek] or [t+hray zgoh-lee] try to put it in google translate,then re-translate it to make sure it translated right :)

How do you say gorgeous in Swedish?

I think the word 'underbar' would be appropriate for gorgeous. Underbar may be used to mean wonderful, beautiful and also gorgeous.

Can you say men are gorgeous?

Yes, if the one saying it is a girl or woman. A man will never useit about another man, unless he is gay.