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How do you say grandma in cantonese?

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How do you say Flower in Cantonese?

'Flower' in Cantonese is 'Faa.'

How do you say king in cantonese?

'King' in Cantonese is 'Wong.'

Do you capitalize grandma?

If you say my grandma then no but if you say "Grandma did this" then yes

How do you say basketball in cantonese?

'Basketball' in Cantonese is 'Laam Kau.'

How do you say strawberry in cantonese?

si do be lei, is strawberry in cantonese :)

How do you say silly in Cantonese?

To pronounce the word silly in Cantonese, you would say: ho sore

How do you say what are you doing in Cantonese?

What are you doing in Cantonese is: "Nei Joe Gun Mug".

How do you say grandma in polish?

Grandma in Polish is "Babcia" If you are talking directly to your grandma, you say, "Babci"

How do you say mouse in cantonese?

Cantonese is a language spoken in China, and is quite similar to Mandarin. In Cantonese, the word mouse is translated as "shubiao."

How do you say CHINA in Cantonese?

pronouce as "Jung Kwok" in Cantonese and "Zhong Guo" in Mandarin

How do you say baby in cantonese?

Baby in Cantonese: 嬰兒 pronounced as: "be-BE" or "so-Hah"

How do you say Cantonese in Cantonese?

it's pronounced "guong dong wah" (廣東話)-->Cantonese or "zhong mun" (中文)-->Chinese

How do say cilantro in Cantonese?

Cilantro or Coriander is called jyun seoi in Cantonese and is written 芫荽

How do you say tiger in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese?

In Mandarin tiger is 老虎 (Lǎohǔ), But I cannot help you with Cantonese, I do not know very much Cantonese. Sorry!

How do you say grandma in Trinidad?

There is no specific way to say Grandma in Trinidad. They only have an acient when they say Grandma or Grandmother. And yes , I trini so I would know.

How do you say hello Hong Kong Cantonese?

Both English and Cantonese are the official languages of Hong Kong. You can say Hello in Hong Kong simply by saying Hello. If you wish to say it in Cantonese it's "néih hóu" (nay hoh)

How do you make your Grandma stop annoying you?

Say,"Grandma, stop annoying me."

How do you say great great grandma in Spanish?

Tatarabuela rebisabuela Bisabuela --- great grandmother

How do you say flame in Chinese?

In Cantonese, it's 'fo'.

How do you say corn in Cantonese?

The jyutping for 'Corn' in Cantonese is 'suk mai' , but if you can't read jyutping then you pronounce it as 'sook mai'.

What is the Cantonese word for Hello?

To say hello in Cantonese, you literally say "you good" : "nay hoh". Here's the breakdown: You: "nay" Good: "hoh" Hello: "nay hoh"

How do you say grandma in serbian?

you say baba i know because i am serbian and call my grandma this:)hope it helps

How do you you say grandma and grandpa in Ukraine?

This is how you say grandma in Ukraine bubba that's how you pronounce it and grandpa is gedo

How do you say grandpa and grandma in polish?

Grandpa - "Dziadek"; Grandma - "Babcia".

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