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(Co) Là breith sona dhut, a Bobby, or

Ceann-bliadhna sona dhut, a Bobby.

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Lá breithe sona dhuit, a Bhobaí,

Breithlá sona dhuit, a Bhobaí.

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Co-là breith sona dhut! /kɔ La. brʲeh sɔnə ɣut/

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Q: How do you say happy birthday bobby in Scottish Gaelic?
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How do you say 'happy 70th birthday' in scottish Gaelic?

You need to specify Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic: they are two separate languages.

What is the Gaelic for 'happy birthday love mom'?

In Irish "Happy Birthday, (with) love, Mom" would be "Lá breithe shona dhuit,le grá, Mam".In Scottish Gaelic: ?

What is 'happy birthday John' in Scottish Gaelic?

Co-là breith sona dhut, a Iain (or John)!

What is the scottish Gaelic for happy?

sona, happy, content

How do you say Happy Birthday Anna in Gaelic?

Irish (Gaelic): Lá breithe sona, a Anna!Scottish Gaelic: '(Co) là breith sona dhut, a Anna!'or 'Ceann-bliadhna sona dhut, a Anna!'

What is the scottish Gaelic for happy wedding anniversary?

In Irish:Comhgáirdeas bhur gceiliúradh (plural)Comhgáirdeas do cheiliúradh (singular)In Scottish Gaelic: Cuirm Bhliadhnail SonaBe aware that 'Gaelic' is actually two separate languages: Scottish Gaelic (called 'Gaelic' in Scotland) and Irish Gaelic (called 'Irish' in Ireland).

What is scottish for happy new year?

In Scottish Gaelic Happy New Year is Bliadhna Mhath ÙrPronounced "bleeana vah oor"

What is the Irish Gaelic translation of Happy Birthday and Best Wishes Melissa?

The translation of Happy Birthday in Irish Gaelic is "Himpola Diyo" and Best Wishes Melissa is "Dunodia gach Melissa." I am a native Irish Gaelic speaker. I hope this helped you and happy birthday to Melissa from me too!

What is happy birthday in Scottish Gaelic?

In Irish it's Lá breithe shona duit Happy birthdayor Breithlá sona duitIn Scots Gaelic it's Co-là breith sona dhut!

How do you say Merry Christmas and a Happy holidays in scottish Gaelic?

how do you say happy holidays in scottish lol you just say happy holidays then that's you said it

What is the Scottish Gaelic for be happy?

Úthas COMMENT: This does not appear to be correct. Another google translation?ANOTHER ANSWER:In Irish: áthas or lúchair.In Scottish Gaelic:?

What does lรก breithe mean?

'A happy birthday',Lá breithe sona dhuit (A happy birthday to you) in Irish Gaelic.