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"Nae jeonhwa-e eungdab hasibsio" is how you say "please answer my call" in Korean. Because of different dialects and differences in translating different people may say this phrase slightly differently.

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cheona padaseyo

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전화해요 (jeon-hwa-hae-yo).

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Q: How do you say hello answering on the phone in Korean?
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HOW TO DAY Hello in french?

salut - hi/bye allo - hello when answering the phone

What do you say when you are answering the phone starting a call and ending a call?

Well, fro answering the phone and starting a call, you obviously say hello, or hi, of hi... who is this. For ending a call, you say bye, or bye it was nice talking to you.

How do Korean say hello?


What does the man on the beach say when he answers the pay phone in the 80's tv commercial?

"Bula vinaka, beachside" Bula Vinaka is a "Hello" greeting used by Fijian people when answering the phone, I think it means Hello, Thanks.

How to say hello in japan?

Ohayou - good morning Konnichiwa - good day Konbanwa - good evening Haroo - westernised way of saying hello You can also say "Oi" but only between friends because this is considered rude otherwise. When answering a phone you say "moshi moshi" but only for phone calls.

Why do you say hello when you meet somebody or when you answer the phone?

I just say hello

What phrase did Alexander Graham Bell want to say when answering the phone?

he said... "Watson come here i need you"

Why not answer the phone with 'Hi' rather than 'Hello'?

Normally, when someone answers the phone with 'Hello', people can understand them and hear them more clearly, mainly because 'Hello' has two syllables, and 'Hi' has only one. If you were to answer the phone with 'Hi' instead, people might miss what you are saying and ask you to repeat it, if you say 'Hello', it's no bother at all. Also, if you are answering with 'Hi', it is informal, and you say 'Hello' as a question when picking up the phone, not a greeting as you would say when you see someone you know, because a normal phone conversation will go something like this... "Hello?" "Hi, it's ----" "Oh, Hi ----!" And you would say something more infomal if it's a friend or a relative or someone you know well.

How do you say hello love in Korean?

annyunghashimnika Salang Means: Hello (person you love or elder) love

The phone rings how do you say hello in greek?

hello on the telephone

Do you say hello or hi?

hello to answer a phone, "hey" otherwise

How do you say hello in North Korea?

north korean language is the same with south korean language and they say annyung 안녕!