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How do you say help in Sweden?


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Help in Sweden is called "Hjälp".


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we say "hund" in Sweden ;)

In Sweden we talk Swedish, so we say "Tack"

Sweden did to help the Jews is that the Sweden risk their lives.also they let the Jews take them to another country.

Santa is called 'Tomten' in Sweden.

The word for "Sweden" in German is "Schweden."

I am from Sweden is directly translated to "Jag är från Sverige", but it is more natural to say "Jag kommer från Sverige" (litteraly - I come from Sweden).

How you say, thank U for the share

Suécia and Suécicus are Sweden and Swedish translated into Latin

"Greetings from Sweden" is "Hälsningar från Sverige" in Swedish.

Welcome to Sweden is "Välkommen till Sverige" in Swedish.

well, they say the worlds most beautiful women lives in Stockholm, the capital of sweden. i would say that is true!

I would say protestantism since that was the state religion of Sweden.

I need to explain one way that geography has effected where people have lived in sweden.

In Swedish you say "Haj" when you want to greet someone.

Brownies are Brownies in Swedish(:

Sweden took jews in because the Demark jews was sent to neutral demark 95% of Demark jews escaped into neutral sweden

Welcome home from Sweden in Swedish is "Välkommen hem från Sverige".

"Hej" or "Hallå" are two of the more common ways to say it.

It is actually MYSQL web hosting. They originated in Sweden. It doesn't say where they currently reside, it may still be Sweden as it does not say anything about them moving.

Sweden come from the word swed (a veggie) in Sweden we call Sweden "Sverige" some say that the part sve commes from the girl-name Svea and rige from rike wich means kingdom althougth, Sweden is an old country so no one knows who named it Sverige but we know that when the Sweds(feels weird to say that) imigrated to America the Americans called Sverige Sweden (some say it was to make fun of the sweds that in that time understanded little English/American)

you say help like this "help!" the end

Adjo means goodbye in Swedish.

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