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ten unos dulces

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Q: How do you say here's some candy in spanish?
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How do You Spell 'What if your' In Spanish?

Heres the answer:" Y si tu eres"You say Y in spanish E

How do you say candy i spanish?


How do you say candy in Spanish?


What is the Spanish translation for do and does?

Do and does is not in the Spanish vocabulary. For example, if one want to say, "Do you have any candy" just say 'you have candy.' Tienes= you have So it would be Tienes dulces? (You have candy)

How do you say What is your favorite candy in spanish?

Spanish translation for "What is your favorite candy?": ¿Cuál es tu dulce favorito?

How do you say the word candy in spanish?

Caramelo or Dulce.

How do you say I love candy in Spanish?

Me encantan los dulces.

How do you say rock-candy in spanish?

dulce duro or piedra

How do you say pieces of candy in Spanish?

añicos de dulce

How do you say heres a smile for you in spanish?

Aquí hay una sonrisa para ti.orAquí tienes una sonrisa.

How do say candy in Spanish?

Dulces (meaning sweets), or some times "caramelos", which means "caramels", but is many times used more broadly.

How do you say almond noughat candy in Spanish?

Dulce de turrón almendrado