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How do you say hey beautiful in Portuguese?


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In Brazilian portuguese, girls and women say : "Olá lindão" (leendawn)

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Boa noite, linda (for female beautiful)

The same = " Hey". It has the same sense both in english and brazilian portuguese. It is used to call for attention of someone. We can say also "Oi'

Oi garota. Olá brotinho !

lhe agradeça bonito: Which means-thank him/her beautiful

Belo lar. Beautiful house = bela casa.

Translation: Hola, bonito/a.

The Portuguese equivalent of the English sentence 'You are beautiful, my love' is the following: Tu és bonita, meu amor.

Você é tão bonita....

Você é tão bonito(a)...

Say, hey gorgeus, or hows it going babe?

"salut beauté"or Bonjour belle.

mulheres bonitas (beautiful, but not gorgeous women) or mulheres lindas (gorgeous women)

If you mean hey in the sense of hi, the equivalent in Portuguese is ei or oi. If you mean in the sense of look over here or look over there, it's ei or o, with the former sounding like the long a sound in 'say' and the latter like the sound 'aw'.

tim morris - its a beautiful day .. is it?

You could use google translate to solve your problem... Its "hey il belle femme"...

Você tem uma família tão linda

Você é bonito (male Você é bonita ( female)

Mulher bonita, or Mulher linda. Mulher = woman. Bonita, linda = beautiful, pretty.

The Portuguese equivalent of the English phrase 'so beautiful' is the following: t

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