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How do you say hi in Russian?

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"Privet" is the correct way to say "hi" in Russian. You may also say "zdrasvedte" which means hello.

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How do you say hi how are you in Russian?

It is totally different to say HI you say Priviet--------How are you is Kak-de la

How do you say hi in Russian swahiliand Japanese?

Konnichiwa is 'hi' in Japanese.

How do you say hi baby in Russian?

privet rebenka

How do you say hi Sasha in Russian?

Privet Sasha!

How do you say you're welcom in russia?

Hi, I am Russian Пожалуйста

How do you say hi and bye in Russian?

Hi in Russian is Добрый день (dobryj djen) (formal) or Привет (privjet) (informal). Bye in Russian is До свиданя (da svidanja) (formal) or Пока (paka) (informal).

How do you say hi in Russian language?

Formal: "Zdrasvuiteh." Informal: "Privet," roll the 'r.'

How to say hi in Russia?

hi in Russian is "privet". if you're talking to your friends. if you are addressing an older person or a more formal version of "hi" or "hello" is "Zdrastvyite" or "dobri den' " (with a soft n.)

What does ะฟั€ะธะฒะตั‚ mean in english?

hi in Russian

How do you get a guy to say hi to you?

Just Say "Hi" and he will say "Hi" back to you. It works everytime!

Sweetheart in Russian?

To say sweetheart in Russian you say dorogaya. To say I love you in Russian you would say, Ya lyublyu tebya.

How do say are you in Russian?

do you mean hoe do you say 'are you' in russian? A tui? - are you?

How do you say Dylan in Russian?

How do you say "Dylan Smith" in Russian?

How do you say thirtenn in Russian?

Trenatsat is how you say thirteen in Russian.

How do you say jitterbug in Russian?

Джиттербаг is how you say jitterbug in Russian

How do you say animal in Russian?

this how you say animal in Russian животное

How do you say hello in Moldova?

Noroc or Privet. Noroc is "for you'r health". Privet is "Hi" in Russian. Hello in Moldovian language is pronounced as "Boonaziwa".

How do you say hi my name is Katie in Russian?

Привет, меня зовут Катя - Pree-vyet, meenya zah-voot Kaht-ya.

How do you say 'hi' in dutch?

Hi is just hi, but most people from the Netherlands will say "Hallo"!

why say hi if u love addison rae?


How do you say this and that in Russian?

my wife and I in Russian?

How do you say night in Russian?

ночь, is how you spell it in Russian. you say it "nohch"

How do you say today in Russian?

You say Today in Russian like this Сегодня

How do you say the work black in Russian?

how do you say the word black in Russian

How do you say enough in Russian?

Достаточно is how you say the word enough in Russian.