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  • Afrikaans = haai
  • Arabic = مرحبا (marhaban)
  • Armenian = բարև (barev) or Բարեւ (parev)
  • Bulgarian = Здравей (zdravej)
  • Cherokee = ᏏᏲ (Siyo)
  • Danish = hej
  • English = hi
  • French = bonjour
  • German = hej
  • Hawaiian = aloha
  • Hebrew = שלום (shalom) or היי (hi)
  • Icelandic = halló
  • Japanese = 今日は (konnichiwa)
  • Korean = 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo)
  • Latin = heus
  • Malayalam = നമസ്തെ (namaste)
  • Navajo = Yá'át'ééh
  • Ojibwe = Aniin
  • Persian = درود (dorood)
  • Quechua = rimaykullayki
  • Russian = Приве́т! (privet)
  • Spanish = hola
  • Tagalog = hi, hello, musta
  • Uzbek = Salom
  • Vietnamese = Chào anh (to a male), Chào chị (to a female)
  • Yiddish = אַ גוטן טאָג (a gutn Tog)
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English: Hello!

Spanish: Hola!

French: Bonjour!

German: Hallo!

Italian: Ciao!

aloha - hawaian

shalom - hebrew

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Q: How do you say hi in different languages?
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How else do you say hi?

You can say hi in many different ways and in many different languages. You can say hej, hei, hello, hallo, hola and so on for example.

How do you say hi in European?

There is no such language as "European". Europe consists of many countries and there are many languages in Europe and there are many different ways of saying "Hi" in those languages.

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French: rayures Spanish: rayas German: Streifen Italian: strisce Japanese: ใ‚นใƒˆใƒฉใ‚คใƒ— (sutoraipu)

What are all languages to say hi?

spanish gernam french

How many people say hi in this world?

if you took 63.9 percent of the worlds population say hi in a day

How do you say hi in Danish?

You can say hei (hi) or hallo. Very similar to English. I am not a native speaker in danish but I come from Norway and the languages are very similar.

How do you say hi in Setswana?

setswana is the same as the other sotho group languages dumela

Every time I say hello to my friend online it's always the same. What are different ways to say Hi?

Try spell it differently, like "Hulloooooo" or "Howareu!" Also you can try sayng it in different languages, like "Hola" or "Bonjour".

How can you say im not crazy in 100 different languages?

im not crazy in 100 different languages

What is the translation of the word 'hi' in different languages?

Hola Shalom Hello Hullolo Aloha

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"African" is not a language. Africa is a continent that contains 54 countries and more than 2100 completely different languages. Some estimates place the number of languages at around 3000.If you have any questions about African languages, you will have to specify the language.The most prominent languages spoken in Africa are:AfrikaansAmharicArabicEnglishFrenchFulaHausaIgboOromaSomaliSwahiliYorubaZulu

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230 languages are spoken in Europe, so which EUROPEAN language do you mean?