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koach kadosh (כוח קדוש)

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Q: How do you say holy force in Hebrew?
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How do you say Holy holy holy is the Lord?

In Hebrew it is "Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh Yehovah"

What is Hebrew Ruha Holy Spirit?

If you are asking how to say Holy spirit in Hebrew, it's Ruach ha kodesh. (רוח הקודש)

How do you say holy work in Hebrew?

Holy work = avodá k'doshá (עבודה קדושה)

How do you say holy in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word is: קודש (Pron. KO-desh. Accent on the capitals).

How do you say holy land country of israel in Hebrew?

holy land = eretz ha-kodesh country of Israel = medinat Yisra'el

House of the Lord in Hebrew?

The House of The Lord is a HOLY place where The Almighty dwells. If you are asking how to say this in Hebrew, it is: בית השם = beit hashem

What do you call you holy book Hebrew?

The Hebrew holy books are collectively called Tanakh (תנ״ך)

Does Holy comes from the Hebrew word quades?

Kadesh or Qadesh (קדש) means Holy. (but the English word holy doesn't come from Hebrew at all.)

How do you say 'holy city of the Lord' in Hebrew?

eer ha kodesh shel hashem (עיר הקודש של ה׳) FYI: the phrase "holy city" in Hebrew only refers to Jerusalem.

What is the Hebrew word for holy war?

There is no Hebrew word for holy war. Modern Hebrew uses the word Jihad (ג׳יהאד) for the specific Islamic context. You could describe that in Hebrew as מלחמת קודש נגד כופרים באיסלאם. (Holy war against the infidels in Islam)Judaism has no such concept of war being holy.

How do you say Holy Spirit in Aramaic?

"Rukha d'Qudsha" (Koodsha) is the way to say "Holy Spirit"... "Holy" is not an actual word in either Hebrew or Aramaic. It is a Greek word and therefore, would not have been used by the Jews of the time. "Qudsha" is a derivative of the word "Qadyish" which means "Set-Apart". "Rukha" means "Breath", "Wind" or "Spirit". It is interesting to note that the Aramaic is very close to the Hebrew in this aspect. In Hebrew, it is said "Ruach HaKodesh". In both Hebrew and Aramaic, the word "Rukha d'Qudsha" means "Set-Apart Spirit".

What is the Jewish holy tongue?