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je suis intelligent(e), je suis malin / maligne (informal)


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A smart device is "un appareil intelligent" in French.

étagères is how you say shelves in french! Use a translator smart one!

Vous êtes intelligents

"je suis intelligent / intelligente"

we should say téléphone intelligent, but most French say smart phone (or even i-phone which is the French best-seller)

un bébé intelligent

Smart is "douleur cuisante" in French..

embrasse mon cul - but that's not quite smart to say.

carte, kart, tarte are French words rhyming with the English word smart.

you say it like well its pernounced marissa or smarter thats how the native americans came up with it cuz the smart once lived queen!

no listo = not clever, not smart

Pintar is "smart" in Indonesian.

I am smart. : Ben akıllıyım. I is Ben. smart is akıllı

In Kannada we would say Jana Palaka.

she is quite smart when it comes to science and outer space. I wouldn't say she is that smart...

Smart = smart Good looking = pen/fin

No actors do not have to be smart to play smart characters. All you have to do is act smart and know your lines to say in the play.

In French, to say 'she' , you say:Elleeg. elle s'appelle comment?In French, to say 'he', you say:Il

The word for street smart is: vivo(a).

to say is the verb 'dire' in French.

to say meatballs in french you say: boulettes

The verb 'to say' is 'dire' in French.

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