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say " I have twentyfive cousins" :)

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Q: How do you say i have 25 cousins?
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How do you say cousins in Spanish?

Cousins in spanish is primos.

How do you say cousins in Greek?

ξαδέλφια is cousins in Greek.

When was Tony Cousins born?

Tony Cousins was born on 1969-08-25.

How do you say i have a lot of cousins in french?

J'ai beaucoup de cousins.

How do you say my cousins are at home in french?

Mes cousins sont chez eux.

How do you say these are all my cousins in french?

Ce sont tous mes cousins.

How do you say i have 7 cousins in french?

You say ''J'ai sept cousins.'' It's pronounced ''jay set koo zain''.

How do you say 'I have seventeen cousins' in french?

J'ai dix-sept cousins dans ma famille.

How do you say to play with cousins in french?

je joue avec mes cousines i play with my cousins

How do you say the plural of cousin in french?

Cousins. I forgot how it's pronounced though. It's not pronounced the same way as "cousins" in english.

How do you say 'waiting for my cousins'?

Yo estoy esperando para mis tios would be the best way to say "I am waiting for my cousins" in Spanish.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Flying Nun - 1967 Cousins by the Dozen 2-25?

The Flying Nun - 1967 Cousins by the Dozen 2-25 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp Australia:G

How do you say three cousins in spanish?

Tres primos

How do you say two cousins in spanish?

dos primos

How do you say cousins for life in Italian?

You say "cugini per la vita".

Are chicken and ducks cousins?

You could say that, yes - but they are somewhat more distant cousins than you might think.

Why does it not say in the bible that Jesus and John the Baptist are cousins?

That they were cousins is true, but as their relationship has no bearing upon their responsibilities, it is of a minor consequence.

How do you say your couins in french?

mes cousins (masc., or of mixed genders), mes cousines (an all-female group of cousins)

How do you say two girl cousins in French?

Deux cousines.

How do you say my female cousins in Italian?

Le mie cugine.

How do you say the two cousins in spanish?

los dos primos

What can you do if you are getting bullied at your cousins party?

Call for help I say

How do you say Mexican cousins in Spanish?

for a group of cousins that includes male and female or a group that is just male cousins: primos mexicanos... for a group that only has females: primas mexicanas

How do you say son daughter and cousins in Spanish?

son = hijodaughter = hija male cousin = primo female cousin = prima male cousins = primos female cousins = primas

Does the cullens and hales have cousins?

they say the Denali clan are their cousins because they are the only other vampires they know of that have the same "vegetarian" diet.