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In Scottish Gaelic: 'S toigh leam briosgaidean.

In Irish Gaelic: Is maith liom brioscaí.

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Scottish Gaelic is foileag;

Irish Gaelic is bocaire.

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Q: How do you say i like cookies in Gaelic?
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How do you say i like you a lot in Gaelic?

Taitníonn tú go mór liom. (Irish)Scots Gaelic (?)

How do you say mum in Scottish Gaelic?

Mother is spoke like , mah-her

How do you say dirt in Gaelic?

Irish Gaelic: salacharScots Gaelic: salachar

How do you say like in gaelic?

For an accurate translation, it would be best to use it in a sentence.

How do you say Bryghun in Gaelic?

No Gaelic version.

How do you say soccer in Gaelic?

it is keltoi in Gaelic

What question will you ask such that the answer will be YES but what it mean is no?

"Do you not like chocolate chip cookies?" If you say yes to this question, you are saying, "No, i do not dislike chocolate chip cookies". ^^^If you like this answer, please recommend me!^^^

How do you say key in Gaelic?

In Scottish Gaelic it is iuchair;in Irish Gaelic it is eochair.

How do you say be healthy in Gaelic?

In Irish Gaelic: Bí i do shláinte. In Scots Gaelic: ?

How do you say dam in Gaelic?

Irish Gaelic: boirleach; damba Scottish Gaelic: ?

How do you say mare in Gaelic?

Scottish Gaelic: làir; Irish Gaelic: láir.

How do you say Canada in Gaelic?

In Scottish Gaelic: Canada In Irish Gaelic: Ceanada