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Jag gillar dig

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Q: How do you say i like you in Swedish?
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How do you say I like pie in Swedish?

I like pie is "Jag tycker om paj" in Swedish.

How do you say Alex in Swedish?

Your name is the same as you where... yeah named. But if you want to say Alex in a Swedish way you say it like "Ahlex".

How do you say Taylor in Swedish?

Like you do probably. :)

How do you say affordable furniture in Swedish?

In Swedish affordable furniture is said like this: "prisvärda möbler".

How do you say you gleam like a gem in the moonlight in Swedish?

"You gleam like a gem in the moonlight" is "du glimtar som en ädelsten i månljuset" in Swedish.

How you say and in swedish?

And is "och" in swedish.

How do you say the phrase 'I like you' in Swedish?

Jag tycker om dig.

How do you say tell them to send the orders in Swedish?

To tell "them" to send the orders in Swedish you'd say something like "kan ni be dem att skicka beställningarna".

How do you say Would you like some...... in Swedish?

That is "kom och ät" in Swedish.

How do you say 'in Swedish' in Swedish?

På svenska

How do you say Welcome Back home in Swiss?

I think you mean Swedish and you say it like this välkommen hem.

How do you say gold in Swedish?

"King" in Swedish is "kung".