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How do you say in French Thankyou for coming?


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Merci d'être venu is the phrase in french. It says Thank you for coming in french.

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Merci means thankyou in french

Merci means thankyou Merci Beaucoup means thankyou very much

it is yislamou many think it is shoukran and many say merci which is french.

The literal translation is: merci pour une bonne éducation

Thankyou translates as 'teşekkür ederim '

the spanish way of saying thankyou is gracias the spanish way of saying thankyou is gracias

To say "I am coming" in French, say j'arrive. To say "you are coming", say vous arrivez or tu arrives if you know the person well.To say that you will come at a future time, use the future tense. For example: j'arriverai ce soir - I am coming tonight (literally, I will come tonight).

To say thankyou in Chinese is si si . In Chinese the isounds like long e.

terima kasih or if you want to say thankyou again it's terima kasih lagi

Quelqu'un va venir. (Someone is coming).

Thankyou for coming oon the website bye

One way of saying "I'm coming" is "J'arrive" (say Jar-EEV).

Acknowledge what the gift is, say thankyou for the --------------. and say something about it that you like or how it will be helpful, anything positive, then say thankyou again.

merci (mer-see) for "thank you very much" its merci beaucoup (mer-see bo-coo)

No amber haase not good at french. thankyou, merci

It is french for; I am well, thankyou.

the pronunciation is shoecahn

The verb "venir" means to come, so one could say "Nous venons" which means "We come" or "we are coming"

To say please, you actually say thanks. They are opposite to the english language. so, Please means thankyou and thankyou means please. i hope this helps

to come -> venir I am coming. -> Je viens. (or j'arrive) this coming Friday -> ce vendredi qui vient

Gracias is thank you in Spanish.

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