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How do you say in french i speak welsh?

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in french you would say je parle gallois

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Do more people speak French than Welsh?

Yes. The vast majority of Welsh speakers are in Wales, while a larger number of people inside and outside France speak French. Around three-quarters of a million people speak Welsh; just over one hundred times that number speak French naturally and another 220 million as their second language.

How do you say to speak in French?

to speak is 'parler' in French.

What percentage of Welsh people speak Welsh?

Another answer:Currently over 20% say they can speak Welsh. Perhaps 12 per cent are fluent.Around 21.7% of the population

What languages could Elizabeth I speak?

She could speak six different languages:EnglishFrenchItalianSpanishGreekWelshShe could write in all of them but Welsh

How do you say do you speak french in english?

Translation: Do you speak French?

How do you say speak in french?

Speak = Parle (in french)

How do ask you do not speak French in French?

To ask: "Do you speak French?" : Parlez-vous français? To say : "I do not speak French," : Je ne parle pas français. To say : "I speak French," : Je parle français. To literally say : "You do not speak French?" would be "Vous ne parlez pas français?"

How do you say in French We Speak French?

English: We speak french French: Nous parlons français

How do you say the word speak in French?

The French word for speak is parler.

How do you say do you speak welsh?

Odych Chi Yn Siarad Cymraeg ?

How do you say Megan in french?

Megan in french is Megan or m(ay)g(aa)n . Megan is a Welsh name and Welsh and French Breton are very similar.

How do you say i don't speak french in English?

I'm not sure. how do u say i dont speak english in french?

Welsh and French words that are simiallar?

Some I know of; Welsh - Ffenestr French - fenêtre Welsh - Eglwys French - Eglise Welsh - Capel French - Chapelle

How do you say you speak French in French?

Tu parles français- you speak FrenchJe parle français- I speak FrenchParlez vous francais?

How do you say I do not speak French in French?

Je ne parle pas (le) français. -- I do not speak French.

How do you say Does he speak French in French?

Does he speak French = Est-ce qu'il parle français

How may people speak Welsh?

As of 2011, about 750,000 people speak Welsh.

Does Katherine Jenkins speak Welsh?

Katherine Jenkins can speak welsh

How do you respond to the french language?

If you are trying to say "i don't speak french" in french, you say "Je ne parle pas francais." if you are trying to say "we don't speak french" in french, you say "Nous ne parlons pas francais."

Does Catherine Zeta-Jones speak welsh?

No, Catherine Zeta-Jones does not speak fluent Welsh. She may speak bits and bobs, say odd words and sentences, maybe a bit of basic conversation and probably pull off a convincing native accent - as most Welsh people can do. But speak it fluently she does not.

How do you say can we speak in English in french?

Nous parlons anglais is the phrase which is in French. It says we speak in English in French.

How do you spell Welsh in french?

Welsh is translated "gallois" in French.

How do you speak French?

poly vo fron say = do you speak frenchNot very well.

How many people speak welsh in patagonia?

5,000 people speak welsh in patagonia

How do you say we speak French in French?

Nous parlons français

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