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in french you would say je parle gallois

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Q: How do you say in french i speak welsh?
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How to say speak french?

parle francais is to speak french

What percentage of Welsh people speak Welsh?

Another answer:Currently over 20% say they can speak Welsh. Perhaps 12 per cent are fluent.Around 21.7% of the population

How do you say to speak in French?

Speak ( in English) - parler( In French )

Do more people speak French than Welsh?

Yes. The vast majority of Welsh speakers are in Wales, while a larger number of people inside and outside France speak French. Around three-quarters of a million people speak Welsh; just over one hundred times that number speak French naturally and another 220 million as their second language.

How do you say speak in french?

Speak = Parle (in french)

How do you say do you speak french in english?

Translation: Do you speak French?

How do you say the word speak in French?

The French word for speak is parler.

How do you say in French We Speak French?

English: We speak french French: Nous parlons français

How do you say do you speak welsh?

Odych Chi Yn Siarad Cymraeg ?

How do ask you do not speak French in French?

To ask: "Do you speak French?" : Parlez-vous français? To say : "I do not speak French," : Je ne parle pas français. To say : "I speak French," : Je parle français. To literally say : "You do not speak French?" would be "Vous ne parlez pas français?"

How do you say Megan in french?

Megan in french is Megan or m(ay)g(aa)n . Megan is a Welsh name and Welsh and French Breton are very similar.

How do you say i don't speak french in English?

I'm not sure. how do u say i dont speak english in french?

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