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Tienes novio? (informal)

Tiene usted novio? (formal)

Both mean: Do you have a boyfriend/fiance?

You could also say:

Sales con alguien? (informal)

Sale usted con alguien?

Both mean "Are you going out with somebody?"

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'¿Tienes miedo de una relación?' translates into 'Do you have fear of a relationship?' which is the same thing as asking 'Are you afraid of a relationship?'

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Q: How do you say in spanish Are you afraid of a relationship?
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How do you say 'I am afraid of' in Spanish?

Tengo miedo de...

How do you say relationship Spanish?


How do you say to be afraid of in Spanish?

To Be Afraid: tener miedo The verb: Asustar (Don't forget to conjugate!)

How do you say I can't have a relationship right now in spanish?

Quieres coger

What does it mean when your afraid to say goodbye?

I can't promise I'm right but it probably means either you don't what to break up, your afraid you won't find another relationship or your afraid of a negative reaction from your soon to be ex.

How do you say my name is in Chilean?

The predominate language in Chile is Spanish. You would say "Me llamo_____"

How do you say I am not available for a new relationship in Spanish?

No estoy disponible para una nueva relación

What about it when that person is saying he is not interested in you and his eyes doesnt say this so?

Then he is, but he's either afraid to be in a relationship or he just is staying off the market.

How do you say to make the relationship work in spanish?

para hacer el trabajo de la relación.

How do you say I want a cute relationship in Spanish?

Quiero una relacion linda (accent on 'o'in 'relacion')

What does it mean when someone says you two should go out and the guy doesn't say anything?

It doesn't mean anything... It could mean that he likes you and is too afraid of rejection to ask.... Or he doesn't and is too afraid to say he doesn't for the sake of whatever relationship you may have...

When starting a relationship when a guy says I are for you is he afraid to say I love you?

basically yes. he doesn't want to be seen as soft or rushing into things to quickly.