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King in Spanish is spelt 'Rey', pronounced 'rrayEE'

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Q: How do you say king in Spanish?
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How do you say King George is mean in spanish?

King George es decir

How do you say my king in spanish?

Había un rey.

How do you say i go eat at Burger King in spanish?

Voy a comer a Burger King

How do you say 'dance of the king' in Spanish?

You could say "el baile del rey".

How do you say king of tacos in Spanish?

Rey de los Tacos

How do you say king of Spain in spanish?

el Rey de Espana

How do you say king of the streets in spanish?

El rey de las calles.

How do you say chennai super king in spanish?

Los Chennai De Supero Kingo

How do you say i am the king of your heart in spanish?

Soy el rey de tu corazón

How do you say Martin Luther King Day in Spanish?

MARTIN LUTHER KING it's the same sorry no learning a new phrase today

What is the Spanish word for king?

the Spanish words for king is 'rey"

Who was the king during The Spanish Inquisition?

King Ferdinand was the king during the Spanish Inquisition.