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How do you say like to watch sports in spanish?


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Like to watch sports.

first, what is the subject. Is it I like to watch sports, or he or she or we.. It makes a difference. I will translate it as "I like to watch sports."

Me gusta mirar los deportes.

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Sports in Spanish is deportes, pernounced; deh-poor-tehs I like sports= Me encanta los deportes

Me gusta el deporte (I like sport) Me gustan los deportes (I like sports)

"Mira a los ninos juegan los deportes"

Coach like a sports coach is Entrenador

To say 'I practice sports' in Spanish, you would say ' Hago deporte'

To say 'he practices sports' in Spanish, you would say 'él practica deportes.'

Sports in Spanish is puntos

Locutor deportivo is the translation of sports announcer to Spanish.

like this! - ¿Lo miró usted todavía?

To watch = Mirar Watch (time) = Reloj

Translation: Te gusta mirar peliculas?

¿Qué deportes te/le gustan? (informal/formal 'you')

practice sports: practicar deportes

¿Le / les / te / os gusta practicar / hacer deporte (s)?Literally, this means "Is to play sports pleasing to you?", but the translation sounds better in English when you say "Do you like to play sports?"

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