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To say listen to me in French, you would say ecoutez-moi. To say I am listening, you would say Je suis a l'ecoute.

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How do you say listen to the radio in french?

J'écoute la radio - I listen to the radio

How do you say listen to music in french?

I listen to music- J'ecoute de la musique

How do you say in french I was ill?

J'étais malade. Listen below-

How do you say let's listen to them in french?

Translation: Écoutons-les

How do you say like to listen to CDs in French?

comme pour écouter des CD

How do you say you listen to skillet in french?

If you are a boy/man you say: Il ecoute skillet. If you are a girl/woman you say: Elle ecoute skillet.

How do you say simple life in french?

Look It Up On Google Translate. Type In Simple Life From English To French And Then There Should Be A Option To Were You Can Listen To It.

What type of music do french people listen to?

french listen to jazz, pop, classical etc.

How in french do you spell listen?

The French word for listen is - écouter... pronounced eh-coo-tay

How do you say i like to listen to music in french?

I love listening to music: j'aime écouter la musique

Do cows in France say 'mieu'?

moo in french is "mieu" although cows do not ACTUALLY say moo. If you listen to a cow they actually say ner.

How do you say mammal in french?

Mammal in french is mammiferes. You pronounce it as /mamifɛʀ/. Go to the link below and press the listen buttonhope I told you in time.

What music do french people listen to?

They Listen to the music of life!

Does ecoute mean listen?

Ecoute means listen in French.

What kind of music do French people like to listen to?

the french people listen to all kinds of music around the world

What type of music does France listen to?

The french mostly listen to opera or rap. btw.very few french people listen to opera, they listen to hit song from r&b and other things to that is so sterotypical

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