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Paletas, bolones...

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Q: How do you say lollipops in spanish?
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Do lollipops contain alcohol?

Lollipops do not contain alcohol.

Are lollipops illegal?

yes the penalty for lollipops is a lifetime sentence

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When was Die Lollipops created?

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Can lollipops fly?

Yes lollipops can fly so can unicorns and monkeys

How can you write a sentence with a word lollipops?

I like tasty coke-flavoured lollipops.

Where can you get crown shaped lollipops?

You can get crown shape lollipops at Kroger in the candy section.

Are lollipops pink?

lollipops come in all different colors. so yes, the can be pink.

What are a few recipes for Halloween lollipops?

The Taste of Home magazine has recipes for lollipops, including chocolate lollipops. For your convenience, I have provided a link to the website: �ۼ Recipes -

Do lollipops stain?


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