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its 125 this is sivan :-]

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Q: How do you say many times in Spanish?
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How do you say how many times have you been there in Spanish?

¿Cuántas veces has estado allí?

How do say candy in Spanish?

Dulces (meaning sweets), or some times "caramelos", which means "caramels", but is many times used more broadly.

How do you say '21' in Spanish?

veinte y uno

How do yo say eat well in Spanish?

Literally, "come bien", but many times you will hear "buen provecho".

How do you say wasp in Spanish?

Condom!! but you have to say it really fast 5 times :)

How do you say women are complicated in Spanish?

Las mujeres son complicadas. You will notice that in Spanish, there are many instances of the definite articles for "the" (el, los, la, las) that we would consider to be extraneous in English. A Spanish speaker, for example, when asked to say "women are complicated" many times will revert to Spanish grammar, and say "the women they are complicated", which is the literal translation of "Las mujeres son complicadas".

How do you say happy times in Spanish?

Translation: Buenos Tiempos.

How do you say how many in Spanish?

¿Cuántos, as?

How do you say 'many' in Spanish?


How many times have barcelaon won the Spanish League?

Barcelona have won the Spanish title 19 times.

How do you say 'I will tell him' in Spanish?

You could express this in several ways. Using the future tense, you could say "Le diré". You can use a construction that is many times referred to "immediate future", and say "Voy a decirle", or "'I'm going to tell him". It is also, in Spanish, legitimate to use the present tense, or "le digo pronto", or "I tell him soon". The last form is NOT allowed in English, but is really quite common in Spanish. Many times, this will lead a native Spanish speaker to say things like "I do it tomorrow" or "I see you tomorrow".

How do you say multiple or many in Spanish?

Muchos/as= Many (male/female) múltiple= MultipleIn spanish