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Vielleicht eines Tages.

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Q: How do you say maybe one day in German?
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How do you say one day we will be together in German?

one day we will be together = wir werden eines Tages zusammen sein.

How do you say 'Father's Day in German?


How do you say christmas day in german?


How do you say gorgeous day in German?

gorgeous day = herrlicher TAg

What do the Germans eat on German unity day?

Me as a German, i can say we don't eat special food on that day :D

How do you say david in German?

You don't say day-vid, you say dah-vid.

How do you say what day is it in German?

What day is it? = Welcher Tag ist es heute?

How do you say pancake day in German?

Pfannkuchentag is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

How do you say Caylee in German?

We didn't have this name. Maybe you could say Carly, it's also English but more popular!

How do you say Happy Saint Patrick27s Day in German?

"Happy Saint Patrick´s Day" in German is: Fröhlichen St. Patricks Tag

How do you say All Day Long in German?

all day long = den ganzen Tag

How do you say my day is tiring in German?

My day is tiring translates as Mein Tag ist anstrengend.