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menor (de edad)

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Q: How do you say minor in spanish?
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How do you say guitar A minor in Spanish?

La m (menor) en guitarra.

How do you say Robinson in spanish?

Unlike English, the final syllable takes the stress, with minor phonetic differences: RRubeensUn

What major can one use a minor in Spanish?

You can take a minor in Spanish with any major. However, The major and minor system is really particular to bachelors degrees.

How do you say corruption of a minor to Spanish?

Assuming you are talking about the criminal act called "corruption of a minor" wherein a minor is convinced to perform some illegal activity, most often sexual gratification of a person of legal age, it would be "corrupcion de menores".

How do you say nice eye in spanish?

It depends on how "nice eye" is intended. If you are referring to the expression indicating that a person is very perceptive and notices minor details, the expression in Spanish is "De buen ojo" If you are merely trying to say that an eye has a nice shape or that it's pretty, you can say "ojo lindo".

How do you say sister n law in spanish?

Sister in law in Spanish is cunada.

How do you say hi i still in spanish?

How to say "hi" in spanish is Hola. How to say "bye" in spanish is Adios.

How do you say how do you say sister in spanish?

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How do you say canvas in Spanish?

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How do you say Dinah in spanish?

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How do you say Amir in spanish?

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How do you say Sabrina in Spanish?

you say it in spanish as- sarina