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How do you say money in creol?

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Creole or Kreyol is a derivative primarily of French with a Southern and Western African influence. The word for money in Creole is "lajan" (the pronunciation would be as it is written with the "a" in both syllables sounding like "aw" and the "n" is semi silent sounding. ) the French word for money is "argent" the "t" is silent.

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i love you

How do you say i in creol?

I depends of what country or region. "Mo" or "Mwen"

How many country that speak creole?

we have a lot of countries that speak creol, but many people think that only Haiti speak creol, which is not

Is creol a word?

Yes, Creole is used to identify an ethnic group.

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Do you say I has not money or I does not have money?

Neither of them is correct. You can say "I don't have money" in American English or "I haven't got money" in British English.=== ===

How do you say money in Turkish?


How do you say money in danish?

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"I'd no money" is an example of bad grammar. The correct way to say you had no money would be to say "I did not have any money." It is a past tense sentence.

How do you say the alphabet in Creole?

I think it is a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z. In engilish that is i don't know it in creol :-(

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How do you say money in hawaiian?

The Hawaiian translation for money is kālā.

What does the Bible say about money?

There are many statements in the Bible about money. There is a story that talks about the charity of money.

How do you say 'money' in lebanese?

Mesaude (Mis - aw - day)

What is the difference between money and near money?

money is anything which is accepted as a medium of exchange. E. g. Hard cash say Rs 100 note. Near money is not money but very near to money say Bill of exchange, Deposit certificate.

How do you say money in Tamil?

money = panam, kaasu, roovaa, etc.,