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meine Schöne

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Q: How do you say my lovely one in German?
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How do you say you are lovely in German?

Sie sind schön.

How do you say lovely children in German?

lovely children can be translated as:reizende Kinderschöne kinder

How do you say Hello to your lovely wife Maureen in German?


How do you say lovely in German?

schön wunderschön lieblich reizend herrlich

How do you say lovely lady in German?

Du siehst wunderschön aus is the translation in German. It is translated from English to German. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

How do you say 'i had a lovely weekend did you' in Swiss German?

Ich hatte ein schones Wochenende haben

What is the movie title 'The Lovely Bones' in German?

In meinem Himmel is a German equivalent of the title to the movie 'The Lovely Bones'.

How do you say i have a lovely home life in German?

Ich habe ein schoenes Heim. Ich habe ein shönes Heim = I have a lovely home Ich habe ein schönes Familienleben = I have a lovely home life

How do you say lovely in Hebrew?

Kind of depends on the context, but 'Nifla' is one way to say lovely in Hebrew. Another way is to just say that something is "Ya-feh"

How do you say 'lovely' n Chinese?


How do you say lovely restaurant in french?

lovely restaurant - chamant resturante

How do you say lovely girl in French?

A lovely girl = une fille charmante.