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- Nadie le gusta

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Q: How do you say no one likes you in Spanish?
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How do you say in Spanish she likes to read?

A ella le gusta leer is how you say "she likes to read" in Spanish.

How do you say he likes in Spanish?

Le gusta

How do you say he likes to in Spanish?

A Él le gusta....

How do you say the one that likes in spanish.?

La persona que quiere.... Or El al cual le gusta.....

How do you say Tinkerbell likes to play in spanish?

Tinkerbell gusta jugar Tinkerbell likes to play

Who do you say he likes to it spanish?

a él le gusta + infinitivo

How do you say he likes to box in spanish?

le gusta boxear

How do you say my dog likes to eat dog food in spanish?

To say My dog likes to eat dog food in Spanish, is:Mi perro gusta comer alimentos para perros.

How do you say marika in spanish?

Marica --- a very rude word in Spanish for a man who likes men.

How do you do you say he likes to sleep in spanish?

Le gusta dormir ( a él)

How you say likes to party in spanish?

"NAME" le gusta a parte

How do you say likes old cars in spanish?

Me gusta (cars) viejo