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Q: How do you say nothing in German?
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What did the German soldier say to Private Upham in the stairway?


How do you say gem in German?

It's just gem. Nothing else.

What did the German say to the soldier as he killed him with the knife?

nothing he's dead

How do you say nothing but the day is young in German?

Nothing but the day is young = nichts aber der Tag ist jung

How do you say fear nothing in German?

fear nothing can be translated as "keine Angst", "mach dir keine Sorgen" or "fürchte dich nicht"

How do you say OK in German?

OK, is OK in German too. They tend to write it out as "okay", though.

What does Be gut mean in German?

Be gut means nothing in German. Gut means good, but Be means nothing in German.

What does sneada mean in German?

Nothing. It is not a German word.

What does iger mean in German?

Iger in German means nothing in English. Many words end with -iger in German, but it means nothing by itself.

What does Selhorst mean in German?

Selhorst means nothing in German.

What does sante mean in German?

Sante means nothing in German.

What does behundet mean in German?

Nothing! Behundet is not a German word