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How do you say opposites attract in Spanish?

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Opuestos atraer.

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In chemistry how do opposites attract?

if in chemistry opposites attract, how can the "law of attraction" be rationalized

Are electrons attracted to protons?

yes they are. you know what they say, "opposites attract"

Is a relationship better when you have the same personality as them?

No, they always say that opposites attract

What does it mean to say that opposites attract when you are talking about atoms?

it means when you have it you actually like it

What is the web address of the Opposites Attract in Calvert Texas?

The web address of the Opposites Attract is:

What is the phone number of the Opposites Attract in Calvert Texas?

The phone number of the Opposites Attract is: 979-364-2002.

Do North poles attract North poles?

No - opposites attract.

What types of poles attract?

Opposites attract. SO if you had two bar magnets, the north pole on one and the south pole on the other would attract. Opposites attract, similar poles repel.

What are a magnets factors?

opposites attract,

In romance as in magnetism?

Opposites attract

Where is the Opposites Attract in Calvert Texas located?

The address of the Opposites Attract is: 600 S Main St, Calvert, TX 77837

How strong are ionic bonds?

Because there is an attraction between the opposites. Opposites attract.

Do electrical charges attract or repel?

Repel because opposites attract.

Do two negatives attract or repel?

they repel. opposites attract!

Do you have to like what your boyfriend likes?

Not necessarily they do say opposites attract! There should be some common interests though.

Does the south pole of a magnet attract the north pole?

Yes, opposites attract

Virgo and Pisces?

Yes. Opposites can attract.

Why are electrons attracted to protons?

opposites attract

Do positive charges attract one another?

No, opposites attract and like forces repel.

What makes something hilarous?

a joke!!! tell this one to your friends why do men prefer intelligent women? They say opposites attract!

Can two bodies having same kind of charge attract each other?

No. That's where the say "opposites attrack" comes in.

Why do opposite magnets attract?

its like people say opposites attract. EX: north and south would attract, but if you had north and north together they would repel against each other. so it would be the charges attract one to one....

Which poles on a magnet attract?

North and South (opposites)

Does a neutral charge attracts a positive?

No, opposites attract.

What was the name of animated cat appeared in 1989 video opposites attract?

M C Skat Kat was the cartoon cat who danced with Paula Abdul in Opposites Attract.