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Usted dispense

Perdone usted

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How do you say pardon in french?

Pardon! That actually is how to say pardon. =)

What does perdona mean in spanish?

Perdona means pardon, or pardon me.

When do you say pardon me?

You can say "pardon me" in place of "excuse me." "Pardon me" is a nice way of apologizing to someone.

How do you say sorry in Spanish?

To say "pardon me", after bumping into someone for instance, it is "perdone". To say "I am sorry" in more serious situations it would be "lo siento"

How do you say I beg your pardon in French?

I beg your pardon is "je vous demande pardon ?" in French.

How do say i forgive you in Spanish?

Te perdono. te - you (familiar objective case form) Perdonar - To forgive; to pardon; to excuse

What does perdoneme mean in Spanish?

I means "pardon me".

What does disculpe mean in spanish?

Sorry, pardon me

What is the polite way to say pardon me in Spanish to a teacher?

There is the expression "Con permiso", which you can add to mean "pardon me". However, if you need a verb, it would be "Perdóneme" in Spain and "Discúlpeme" in most Latin American countires.

In France when do you say pardon moi as in contrary to Je suis desole and what words would you use in spanish and Italian if you have really hurt the woman you are in love with?

Pardon-moi is used as an exclamation to say "Excuse-me" or "Pardon-me". In some registers of English, "Sorry" is used for this expression, but Pardon-moi is used only in the "Excuse-me" sense of "Sorry"."Je suis desole" means "I am sorry" in the full sense of having remorse for an action. However, like English, it is relatively weak without clarification as to what you are sorry about.If you were asking me personally about what you should say if you really hurt a woman you are in love with, "I am sorry" does not cut it in any language. I would actually describe the remorse that I feel and how important it is to me that she is feeling better or well.As for the Spanish and Italian equivalents of the French phrases:French ---------------------------- Spanish ---------------------------- ItalianPardon-moi / Excuse-moi -- Perdoname / Disculpame --- ScusiJe suis desole ------------------- Lo siento -------------------------- Mi dispiace

What is You Apologize in Spanish?

Lo siento = I'm sorry ¡perdón = Pardon

What does perdona mi retraso in spanish?

Pardon/excuse my slowness/delay

How do you say pardon me in bengali?

khoma korun.

How do you say sorry mister in french?

"Pardon, monsieur?"

When do we use i beg your pardon?

To use "i beg your pardon" walk up to someone you do not know and say "i beg your pardon" followed by a question. it is merely said to offer your pardon from interrupting whatever they may be doing and for walking up to them as a stranger.

What are the two kinds of pardon?

A criminal pardon releases people from prison or otherwise absolves them from punishment. Otherwise, pardoning someone is just forgiving them. For example, if you bump into someone, you say pardon me.

What does disculpa mean in english?

If you mean translated in Spanish to English it means "pardon me" or "excuse me"

If you sneeze is it proper to say anything?

Excuse me or Pardon me. Sometimes even, "May I please have a tissue/kleenex" (if necessary) after excuse or pardon me.

How do you say pardon me in French?

Pardonnez-moi - or - excusez-moi.

How do you say pardon in Swedish?

Ursäkta mig or just Ursäkta.

Should you use the word 'what' instead of pardon?

Yes, it is better to say pardon instead of what because waht may sound rude. Some people also say sorry.

How ddo you say ophra in Spanish?

How do you say ophra in spanish? That is how you say "ophra" in spanish.

Do you say something when you sneeze?

if you have manners you would say excuse me, pardon me, or bless me. bless me is better.

What does pardon my french mean?

it means they swore and say pardon my french it is just a saying

How do you say not Spanish?

if you want to say not in spanish you would say no.