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There is the expression "Con permiso", which you can add to mean "pardon me". However, if you need a verb, it would be "Perdóneme" in Spain and "Discúlpeme" in most Latin American countires.

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Gracias Maestro [male]/ Maestra [female]

Gracias profesor / profesora

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Q: What is the polite way to say pardon me in Spanish to a teacher?
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it means they swore and say pardon my french it is just a saying

How do you say 'teacher' in Thai?

Khun Kru is "Teacher!" (Khun means 'you' and is polite). Kru is teacher as in "Kru ma leeow." The teacher is coming.

How do you say in spanish language' How are you?

"¿Cómo estás?" or in a polite way you can say: ¿Cómo está usted?

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flaco but if ur being polite you should say "delgado" =)

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The polite form is, "Despierte por favor."

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If you want to say the teacher's desk in spanish you would say el escritorio.

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seré tu maestro

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profesor/a (male/female)

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If you're concerned about being polite, you say, "¿Qué dice usted?' ( K DEE-say oo-stead?) If you're NOT concerned about being polite, you say, "¿Qué dices? (K DEE-ses?)

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