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You say 'peace be with you'

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Q: How do you say peace be with you in scottish?
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How do you say world peace in the Gaelic languages?

Irish: síocháin dhomhanda; Scottish: ?

What is the Scottish Gaelic for peace?

sìthfois or sìth

How do you say peacefulness in Gaelic?

The Irish word for 'peace' is 'síocháin", roughly pronounced 'shee-khaw-in.The Scottish word is sìth

How do you say neighbor in Scottish?

Scottish English or Scottish Gaelic?

How do you pronounce fois scottish word for peace?


How do you say one in Scottish?

"One" in Scottish Gaelic is "aon".

How do say rest in peace in scottish Gaelic?

fois shìorraidh gun robh aig a h-anam(rest her soul in peace) ....his soul (a anam)gun robh fois sìorraidh aig a h-anammay her soul rest in eternal peace ...his soul (a anam)

What is the Scottish Gaelic for peace by the sea?

Sìochaint taobh na mara.

How do you say Come to Scotland and experience Scottish hospitality?

Visit Scotland and immerse yourself in the warm embrace of Scottish hospitality.

How do you say Scottish-American in Scottish Gaelic?

Albannach Aimeireaganach (person)

How do you say godspeed in Scottish?

Scots dialect of English or Scottish Gaelic?

How do you say Matthew in Scottish?

The Scottish Gaelic version of Matthew is Mata.