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it means please

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Q: How do you say porfavor in English?
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What is porfavor in Spanish?

Please. Por means for and favor means favor Porfavor= for favor which is please in English

How do you say lettuce in greek?


Que es la lectura basica?

Yo no hablo espanol, habla english porfavor.

How do you say 'Please do it next time' in Spanish?

porfavor aslo para el otro tiempo

How do you say Please take me to Dominican Republic?

In Spanish? 'Porfavor llevame a la Republica Dominicana'

How do you say 'in Spanish' in Spanish?

If you are asking someone to say something in Spanish you will use the phrase "en español porfavor" or "In Spanish please."

How to say stop following the girl please in spanish?

Dejen de perseguir a la niña porfavor

How do you translate 'one moment' into Spanish?

Type your answer here... just a moment please!

How do you say give me more magaritas in spanish?

dame más margaritas, porfavor (give me more margaritas, please.)

What does the word porfavor mean in English?

It's two words actually "por favor" and it means "please" in Spanish, literally "for favor"

How do you say Please send food to the Christmas party in Spanish?

Porfavor mandar comida a la fiesta de Navidad

How do you say i love you so much baby please dont leave me in spanish?

Te amo mucho miamor no me dejes porfavor.