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really - wirklich

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Q: How do you say really in German?
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How do you say I am really in love with you in German?

I am really in love with you is Ich bin wirklich in dich verliebt in German.

How do you say yeah really in German?

Ja, wirklich.

How do you say really in the German language?

Really as in: Wow, really? is "wirklich" Really as in: That's really cool. is "echt".

How do you say RNB forever in German?

If you really want to translate it is " RnB für immer" but most German people will just say "RnB forever".

What does the German scientist say in call of duty black ops?

hallo mein name ist bob that is German they really say "hello my name is bob"

What is du witz bold mean in German?

you say witzbold to someone, who is really funny

How do you say you are ugly in German?

Du bist hässlich. But that's not really nice, isn't i?

How do you say you are a freak show in German?

Freakshow translates as Monstrositätenschau but you would really use it to describe someone in German. You could say Du bist ein Freak - you're a freak.

How do you say im bored though in German?

really bored - wirklich gelangweilt really boring - wirklich langweilig

Why does Seaman say that the empire Bismarck created was not really a unified German empire?

Hbnvn njhubuvkn

How do you say Wann hast du Deutsch?

The sentence really depends on the context, but it translates to "When do you have German?" (informal).

How do you say dirty harry in German?

You would say "dreckiger harry" but you pronounce the A like the a in "harbor" and the double R really smooth and softly.