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Q: How do you say resurrection in latin?
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What is Latin for 'Resurrection'?


How do you say helmet in Latin?

you say helmet in latin (casco)<- in latin

How do you say Resurrection in Greek?

Its ανάσταση (anastasi)

What Old Testament book is the only one to teach explicitly the idea of a bodily physical resurrection?

There are at least 41 references to there being a resurrection. I will say that some denigh there ever being a resurrection, however the majority do say there will be.

How do you say who am I in Latin?

To say "Who am I?" in Latin you can say "quisnam sum Ego?"

How do you say determined in Latin?

How do you say determined in Latin?

How do you say Negative in Latin?

infitialis is the word we say in latin

How do you say lightning in latin?

To say the word lightning in Latin, a person would say the word "ignis." To say thunder in Latin, the word is "tonitrua."

How do you say the in Latin?

There are no articles in Latin. (a, the, an)

How do you say my in Latin?

my is "mihi" in latin

How do you say legacy in latin?

legato is how you would say legacy in Latin.

How do you say please in Latin?

"Sī placet" is how you say "please" in Latin.