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ホタテ hotate. Pronounced hoe tah teh.

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Q: How do you say scallop in Japanese?
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How do you say scallop in Chinese?

the word scallop is pronounced shan bei , 扇贝

How do you say scallop in french?

Scallops are called 'coquilles saint-Jacques', or 'saint-Jacques' in French.

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Is a scallop a mollusk?

yes an scallop is a mollusk

Does a scallop have back bone?

No, as a scallop is an invertebrate.

What is scallop in Filipino language?

scallop in Filipino language: kabibe

How many pages does The Ramsay Scallop have?

The Ramsay Scallop has 272 pages.

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David Hardy has written: 'Scallop farming' -- subject(s): Scallop culture, Scallops 'The biology of scallop farming' -- subject(s): Ecology, Scallop culture, Scallop fisheries, Scallops

How do you spell scallop?

That is the correct spelling of "scallop" (a shellfish).

What is opaque scallop?

When you can see through the center of the scallop

Is a scallop an invertebrate?

yes an scallop is a mollusk

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