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school = madrasah = مدرسه

hospital = mustashfa = مستشفى

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school = مدرسة (madrasa)hospital = مستشفى (mustashfaa)

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Q: How do you say school and hospital in Arabic?
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How you say school in Arabic?

مدرسة madrasa

How do you say I love school in Arabic?

ahi ahmr.

What is the Arabic word for hospital?

The Arabic word for hospital is المستشفى, pronounced "Al mastashfi".

What is Arabic school?

Arab school is a school where you learn arabic.

How do you say school bag in Arabic?

school bag : haqebat madrasa, or shantet madrase wirtten: حقيبة مدرسة

How do you say universe in Arabic?

If you want to say Arabic in Arabic this is how you say it=Arabi

Is the word hospital an Arabic word meaning house of medicine?

Hospital is not an Arabic name, it is in English language, which is the place were doctors help patients to get treatment which keep them in a healthy state. hospital in Arabic means : Mostashfaa written as : مستشفى Hope this helps :)

How do you say peace be with you Arabic?

How do you say peace be with you in Arabic?

How do you say school bus in Arabic?

Translation: baas al-madrasa (باص المدرسة)

How do you say 'disbeliever' in Arabic?

To say 'disbeliever' in Arabic, you would say 'kaffir.'

How do you say liver in Arabic?


In Arabic what we say Ramadan or Ramadhan?

In Arabic we say Ramadan.