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Ja ne, mata ne, mata, Ja mata

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Q: How do you say see ya in Japanese?
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What does the Japanese phrase Mata Ne mean in English?

It is a colloquial way to say 'see you later.'

How do you say arrow in Japanese?

矢= ya

How do you say your good in playing guitar in Japanese?

drei ya gubi

How do you say what'd ya want in Japanese?

nan da? --- literally 'what!?'

How do you say thing in Japanese?

Just give what you want to say in Japanese and i will tell ya!!!! I am Japanese okay! I can translate anything to Japanese to English of English to Japanese!just write me on my message board!!!! Sayounara!!! (goodbye) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you say good-bye in Australian?

Goodbye, Bye, Ta ta, Hooroo, See ya later, See ya, Catch ya 'round, See ya 'round

How do you say i see in mexico?

Ya veo

How do you say see you later in australien?

in Australian id say see ya mates would work

What does see ya mean?

"See ya" is a casual way to say goodbye, derived from "see you later." It is commonly used to bid farewell to someone informally.

How do you say speed in Japanese?

速さ /ha ya sa/ and スピード /su pii do/ are both very common words for 'speed' in Japanese.

How do you say piercings and tattoos in Japanese?

ピアスや入れ墨 Piasu ya irezumi

How do you say See ya later in portuguese?

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