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'Pecore' is an Italian equivalent of 'sheep'. It's a feminine noun whose plural definite article is 'le' ['the'] and whose plural definite article is 'delle' ['some']. It's pronounced 'PEH-koh-reh'.

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To say the word lamb in Italian you say agnello. The word lamb in Spanish is cordero and in French it is agneau.

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Q: How do you say sheep in Italian?
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What do you saysheep in marwidi Italian french German?

In French the word for sheep is 'Mouton' (Moo-ton) In German the word for sheep is 'Schaf' (Shaff) In Italian the word for sheep is 'Pecora' (Pe-kor-ra)

What is sheep milk used to make?

Possibly the most famous sheep's milk cheese is the Italian pecorino.The name comes from pecora, the Italian for sheep. It is great used on pasta as you would use Parmesan, or simply - like Parmesan - eaten as it is.

What is 'Pecorale' when translated from Italian to English?

"Of or relating to sheep" is an English equivalent of the Italian name Pecorale. The surname traces its origins back to the feminine singular noun pecora ("sheep"). The pronunciation will be "PEH-ko-RA-ley" in Pisan Italian.

What is unsalted sheep's milk cheese?

Mizithra is an unsalted Greek cheese that is made from sheep or goat's milk. Ricotta is an unsalted soft white Italian cheese made from sheep's milk.

Why did Benito Mussolini say ''It's better to live one day like a lion than one hundred years like a sheep''?

The quote is an Italian proverb of uncertain origin.

How do you say fine dining in Italian?

"Ristoranti" is what we say it in Italian!!

How do you say under in Italian?

Sotto is how you say under in Italian.

How do you say sheep in Kikuyu language?

Sheep can be translated into Kikuyu language as mburi.

How do you say in Italian in Italian?

in italiano

What is the word for sheep in other languages?

Sheep in Spanish is carnero, Borrego, or ovejas. In Dutch it is kudde, or schapen and in Portuguese, sheep is tolo, rebanho, or carneiro. In Turkey, sheep is koyun or ezik kimse, and in Italian it is pecora, pecore, or agnello.

How do say you are learing itialian in Italian?

To say "I am learning Italian" in Italian, you would say "Sto imparando l'italiano."

Does sheep live on Mountains?

no! There is know such thing as mountain rights for sheep. In some towns farmers say to people that there is mountain rights for sheep but they only say that so their sheep can't be harmed