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Q: How do you say shutup in lao?
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Why do people say shutup?

When people say "shutup", they are actually joking. People say it to be funny when they disagree about something. It sounds rude, but not. They laugh with you when they say "shutup."

How do you say shutup in Japan?


How do you say police in Fijian?

shutup you dumbbum

How do you say Shutup in Latin?


How do you say you in lao?

You in Lao is - Jao

Why did you spell answer like answer?

Because we say it wrong it is suppose to be pronounced ANSWER. ok! =D shutup whateve just shutup

Can you say shutup?

You simply say it, or if you want to be a little nicer say be quiet.

How do you say devinn shutup in spanish?

Devinn cállate

What do you say to start a conversation with a boy?

shutup Wu chun

How do you say 'shutup' in latin?

Tace! (singular); Tacete! (plural)

How do you say shutup in spanish?

cietay (guy-eh-thay)

How do you say shutup in Romanian?

You say blah blah shut up blah blah