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Sozialwissenschaften is the translation in German. German is the first language of about 95 million people worldwide. German is mostly spoken in the European countries.

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Q: How do you say social studies in German?
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How do you say I love social studies in German?

I love social studies is ich liebe Gemeinschaftskunde in German.=============================================More commonly social studies is translated as Sozialkunde, also social sciences Sozialwissenschaften

What is social studies in German?


How do you say social studies in Icelandic?


How do you say social studies in Brazilian Portuguese?

estudos sociais

How do you say social studies in epanish?

ecoure el posa gusae

How do you say business studies in french?

les sciences humainesle sciences socials= social studies. How I know is from my french teacher, and my french textbook!

What are the similarities between social studies and social science?

Social sciences are more lik psychology and sociology-studing people and how they interact, social studies is more like history-studying people, places and events

What is int social studies?

Int social studies is short for international social studies.

Do you have to pass social studies on the 5th grade crct?

I would say yes you do

How do you say social studies in Japanese?

社会科 Shakai-ka

Should you write social studies teacher or Social Studies teacher?

The term social studies teacher does not need to be capitalized because it's not a proper noun. I would say social studies teacher, because there are only three times you use a capital letter 1. The beginning of a sentence. 2. When the thing is a name. 3. When the thing is a place.

Is the correct term you teach Social Studies or you teach social studies?

social studies subjects are never capitalizied