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Perro loco!!

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Q: How do you say sprain a dog in spanish?
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How you say dog in spanish?


how to say dog in spanish?


How many days does a sprain leg of a dog heal?

if you treated it well the sprain of the dog will heal for 3-4 weeks if you did not treated it well it could be months!

How do you say my dog likes to eat dog food in spanish?

To say My dog likes to eat dog food in Spanish, is:Mi perro gusta comer alimentos para perros.

Can a dog's tail go back to normal from a sprain?

Yes, if the sprain did not result in a dislocation the tail will be fine eventually.

I am missing a dog in spanish?

Me falta un perro is the best way to say "I am missing a dog" in Spanish.

How do you say a girl dog in spanish?


How do you say their dog in spanish?

su perro

How do you say my dog in spanish?

Mi perro.

How do you say Female dog in Spanish?


How do you say Dog girl in Spanish?


How do you say little dog in spanish?