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The command to stop is ¡alto! (¡alto ahí!)

To stop doing something is dejar de hacer

A train or bus stop is "parada."

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Q: How do you say stop in spanish?
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How do you say to stop in Spanish?

"Parada" is "stop" in Spanish.

How do you say 'stop at the stop sign' in spanish?

To say "STOP" in Spanish is; parada To say "GO" in Spanish is ; ir

How do you you say stop it in Spanish?


How do you say spanish comands stop and go?

Stop is "detenganse" Go is "sigan"

How do you say boy stop in Spanish?

niño deje de

How do you say stop playing around in Spanish?

para jugando

How do you say stop that boy in spanish?

detenga aquel chico

How do you say im going to stop in spanish?

Voy a parar.

How you say stop do not enter in spanish?

¡Alto! No ingrese. ¡Deténgase! No entre.

How do you say stop doing this to me in spanish?

Deja de hacerme esto

How do you say you that stop praising yourself in spanish?

cesa de encomiarte

How do you say never stop loving me in Spanish?

Nunca dejes de quererme.