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How do you say sulfur in Chinese?

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You mean Sulfur.......Lieu Huang

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What did Chinese alchemists do with sulfur?

they eat it

When was sulfer discovered?

Unfortunately, no one really knows who discovered sulfur. Sulfur was known in ancient times and is referred to in Genesis in the Bible (called the Torah in Judaism). English translations of the Bible refer to sulfur as brimstone. Sulfur was also known to the Chinese in the 6th century BC in its natural form. In the 3rd century the Chinese discovered how to isolate sulfur from the mineral pyrite (commonly known as fool's gold). After isolation, the Chinese began using sulfur in medicine and sulfur has become a part of traditional Chinese medicine. By 1044 AD the Chinese used sulfur as a main component of gun powder. In 1777 Antoine Lavoisier determined that sulfur was an element and not a compound. That is the history of sulfur. Who discovered sulfur, nobody knows!

How you say Chinese moon festival in Chinese?

Zhongqiujie is how you say Chinese moon festival in Chinese?

When was sulfur discovered?

No one knows when the first human came across sulfur in its natural form and gave it a name. But sulfur was known and given a name as early as the 6th century B.C. by the Chinese.

How do you say to get there in Chinese?

To get there in Chinese

How do you say donkey in Chinese?

this is how you say donkey in Chinese escarlett

Who discovered sulfer?

Sulfur has been known since ancient times and therefore nobody knows who first discovered it. The Chinese where the first to isolate sulfur

How do you say peaceful in Chinese?

To say "Peaceful" in Chinese is Hépíng and the Chinese Kanji is 和平.

How do you say million in Chinese?

Million in chinese Million in chinese You say million in百万

How do you say poo in Chinese?

大便. That's how you say it in Chinese.

How do you say Chinese in Spanish?

the way to say Chinese in spanish is chino

How do you say mikaylah in Chinese?

i want to know how to say my name in Chinese

How do you say abby in chinese?

how do you say Abby in chinese

How do you say underwear in Chinese?

i do not know how to say that in chinese but i speak this language.

How do you say chess in Chinese?

To say "chess" in Chinese is as follows: 棋

How do you say wants in Chinese?

希望 is how you say wants in Chinese.

How do you say thankyou in Chinese?

To say thankyou in Chinese is si si . In Chinese the isounds like long e.

How do you say green in Chinese?

the way to say green in chinese is lue su

How do you say kilometers in Chinese?

we say"qiān lǐ" , to mean kilometers in Chinese

How do you say Heidi in Chinese?

i wanted to know how to say the name heidi in Chinese

How do you say by in Chinese?

how to by in chinese/bye= zaijian

How do you say cafeteria in Chinese?

Cafeteria in Chinese.

How do you say swim in Chinese?

If you want to say swim in Chinese say ๆธธๆณณ (yรณu yว’ng).

What important chemical comnination did the Chinese alchemists discover?

gunpowder, or the interaction of sulfur,saltpeter, and charcoal

Do in Chinese?

..Do in Chinese? How you say it or in Chinese letters? I only know how to say it. There are different kinds of Chinese and I only know Cantonese Chinese. "Joe" is do in Cantonese Chinese. Joe as in a boy's name. Hope this helps!