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verrassing is the word for surprise in Dutch. This word is used for enexpected thing.

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Q: How do you say surprise in dutch?
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How do you say the people born in Holland?

Dutch people or The Dutch. This may surprise many. Holland is not a nation. Holland is a region of the nation named The Netherlands. It's true. :)

How do you say what's the surprise in french?

What a surprise is...quelle surprise!

How do you say surprise in Danish?

Either surprise or overraskelse

How do you say interior in Dutch?

In Dutch you say "interieur" or "inwendig".

How do you say Larissa in Dutch?

In Dutch, "Larissa" is pronounced as "luh-RISS-uh".

How do you say Ezekiel in Dutch language?

"Ezechiël" is how you say "Ezekiel" in Dutch.

How do you say surprise in French?

The correct way to say "shocked" in French is choqué.

How do you say ah in dutch?

ah in dutch

How do you say Large in Dutch?

Groot But the g is hard to say if you're not dutch..

How do you say okay in dutch?

In Dutch you say "oké" but it's basically the same.

How do you say stripes in dutch?

'stripes' is in Dutch 'strepen' and 'stripe' is in Dutch 'streep'.

How do you say where in dutch?

zeggen waar de is the word for say where. This is the translation from English to Dutch.